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Audioshape Recording Studio is a well known studio in the North of the Netherlands since  2008. Though specialized in rock and metal, we  are also known for our excellent voice-overs.  You can contact us for full productions, mixing and mastering.


Audioshape Recording Studio has a recording room of over  20 m2 with acoustic treatment as well as a a comfortable control room, a perfect set-up for a relaxed recording session.  Tjaard Walstra is a professional sound engineer and producer and provides an easy going ambiance.

We also burn CDs with full colour lacquer print.


Audioshape Recording Studio is a part of Audioshape . Other activities by Audioshape are workshop SING IT, Master classes SING IT and flightcases .

SING IT is a unique concept that focuses on singing (vocal & singing) techniques as well as stage performance  for beginners as well as advanced singers. The Master classes are given by professionals, singer, coach or musician. 



If you need a custom-made flightcase  you need Audioshape Cases. Check our FB page for different types of cases we can make to protect your equipment.

Opnamestudio in Leeuwarden

Contact Info:


Oudddeelstraat 2

8936 AX Leeuwarden

The Netherlands

tel: 06 401 474 15


Ready to book a session? 


Call us at 06-40147415

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